DDMA Snapshot Reports

Each year DDMA conducts a series of research studies on changing aspects of the Chinese market and business landscape. The key findings of these studies are used to generate DDMA snapshot reports. These DDMA reports are released to our clients and partners worldwide.

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How wealthy Chinese consumers view New Zealand food produce and food brands

This DDMA China Market Research snapshot report introduces the preference and perception of food production and food brands from nineteen different food producing countries among wealthy Chinese consumers in Shanghai and Beijing.

Over 1,000 wealthy Chinese consumers were interviewed for this study. The food producing countries included in this study were drawn from the following five geographical regions.

    Asia & Oceania
  • China
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Japan
    North America
  • USA
  • Canada
    South America
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • Norway
  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Zambia
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Botswana

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How a declining Chinese stock market could undermine Chinese consumer spend and slow economic transition

Reasons why Chinese consumers invest in the stock exchange

56% of middle and high income Chinese consumers in Shanghai and Beijing have been using Chinese stock market gains to supplement their income.

Boosting consumer spend is a cornerstone of the Chinese government economic reforms. Chinese financial institutions have actively encouraged their customers to invest in the stock market. The additional income earned by consumers has buoyed Chinese consumer spend.

This DDMA China market research snapshot report investigates the potential impact on consumer spend that a decline in the Chinese stock market could have. Over 1,000 middle to high income Chinese consumers were interviewed in early January in Shanghai and Beijing.

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How country of origin drives price for imported food brands and produce in China

Chinese consumers will pay 64% more for imported seafood than the domestic equivalent. Alaskan, New Zealand and Norwegian seafood command the highest price premiums.

Date: April 17th, 2015

This complimentary case study from DDMA China Market Research introduces the impact that country of origin has on the price that Chinese consumers are willing to pay for imported food brands and produce in China.

Key results demonstrate that:

  • Chinese consumers will pay 64% more for imported seafood over a Chinese sourced or branded equivalent.
  • Alaskan, New Zealand and Norwegian seafood can attain the highest price with consumers. Chinese consumers were willing to pay almost 95% more for the exact same seafood product from Alaska over the equivalent Chinese branded or sourced offering.
  • Price premiums were also high for imported seafood from New Zealand, Norwegian, Australian, and the UK.
  • Norwegian seafood has the largest “franchise” in terms of country of origin in premium seafood in China. A higher proportion of consumers stated that they would definitely buy the seafood product tested if it came from Norway. This is reflective of the success that Norwegian salmon has achieved in the Chinese market. Consumers are very familiar with Norwegian salmon and the country has a very strong reputation a source of premium seafood.
  • The retail channels where consumers would purchase imported seafood from are clearly defined. Online purchase was a significant channel. Related DDMA Research, also available from our website, introduces the most important retail channels for imported food brands in China.

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Which Countries Have An Advantage In The China Food Market And Why - 2014


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Release date: March 2014

Data Driven Marketing Asia (DDMA) provides consumer and trade market research to many international and domestic companies in relation to the China market. An area of considerable growth over the past 24 months is with foreign food companies wishing to market and sell their food produce to the rapidly developing Chinese middle class.

DDMA assists these companies in identifying the most favorable brand positioning, in establishing pricing, the development of complete marketing strategies, retail evaluation and in assisting with product launches, particularly via leading online sales platforms.

The opportunities for foreign food companies in China have been boosted further by the recurring food scandals that have plagued the domestic food producers. The result of these food scandals has been a complete erosion of consumer confidence in the credibility of domestic food companies.

The opportunities for foreign food companies in China are vast.

Baijiu Blues in China - 2013


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Release date: July 2013


Baijiu is the national drink of China and is the largest individual spirit category in the world. Baijiu is made from the solid fermentation and distillation of a mash which is made up of a variety of ingredients including rice, sorghum, beans, corn, barley, wheat, and a selection of other ingredients. The alcohol strength of baijiu generally varies between 38% and 65% and liquid quality varies greatly by producer, region and grade.

Social Concerns in China - 2013

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Release date: July 2013


This DDMA snapshot report introduces what are the greatest social concerns held by Chinese consumers and how these have changed since 2009.

Each year Data Driven Marketing Asia (DDMA), conducts a market research study on the lifestyle, influences and concerns of mainstream Chinese consumers. This study was conducted in June 2013 among 512 middle to upper income Chinese consumers in Shanghai.